A modern vehicle trade system, which includes tools and processes from online shopping to service and financial management, as well as up-to-date information for managing your dealer shop.

Dealer management system - By Advectus, Netsuite & Shopify

The most modern DMS platform on the market

Advectus is more than just a DMS system. It combines financial management, customer and supplier management and real-time reporting with the vehicle dealership software. All this is run on NetSuite SaaS platform, which is the market leader on the field.

Vehicle sales

With Advectus vehicle sales the dealer can build a suitable process for managing vehicle sales from the lead to the contract and financing, as well as the lifelong care of the customer. Versatile and real-time stock management, also covering warehouses in several countries, makes it possible to optimize the capital committed to the vehicle inventory. All the information needed to control the operation is available at all times, including financial management information.


Advectus maintenance offers mobile tools for booking service appointments, upselling, service planning and repairs. Throughout the process the customer is aware of the measures to be taken, which ensures high customer satisfaction.

Spare parts

By using our versatile spare parts stock management, both the dealer's warehouse and the wider wholesale warehouse can be managed efficiently. Real-time inventory monitoring, including multi-site and multi-country processing, enables effective inventory monitoring and optimization. The reception, collection and inventory of goods can be automated by using mobile devices.


Advectus CRM offers a 360 degree view of effective customer relationship management and marketing. You don't need an external CRM system, as you can manage customer segmentations, campaigns and customer feedback by using the Advectus system.

Electronic accounting

The multi-company structure of the solution makes it possible to integrate the group's information transparently into one NetSuite system, used by the financial administration to handle the global accounting, reporting and consolidations. You get real-time transparency into how your company is doing, and you can access the data anywhere and anytime.

Advectus Banking

Advectus Banking is our own solution, allowing you to open a banking connection between NetSuite and the most popular Nordic banks. With this service you get access to secure multi-bank connections, the services of online invoicing operators, modern purchase invoice processing and local financial reports, as well as a connection to the tax administration for VAT declarations. Installation of Advectus does not require changes to NetSuite's ERP system, and it works effortlessly.


Ready integrations to key functions for the vehicle trade, such as financial integrations. In addition, Advectus offers a ready-made integrations to Netwheels GT-X, and more brand-specific factory integrations are being introduced all the time. NetSuite's SaaS platform can also be integrated into customer-specific systems.

Online store

We rely on the globally used Shopify e-commerce platform and NetSuite's ERP system. You can connect Shopify order IDs to NetSuite. In this case, customer orders automatically flow from the cash register to NetSuite and connect to inventory management, which in turn streamlines order management and guarantees an excellent customer experience. After all, that's what this is all about!