Our Banking solution

Banking ratkaisumme

Our team has been working with the Netsuite system for years. Driven by need, we built the Advectus Banking system, which is critical for Finnish financial administration point of view, to supplement NetSuite's international functionalities.

Advectus Banking is our own solution, allowing you to open a banking connection between NetSuite and the most popular Nordic and multiple European banks. This service gives you access to:

  • Secure multi-bank connections
  • Online invoicing functionality, such as entering purchase invoices and sending online invoices to business and consumer customers
  • Processing of reference performance
  • Local financial reports (e.g. income statement and balance sheet)
  • Automatic VAT reporting directly to the tax office.
  • Advanced recycling of purchase invoices
  • Account statements, account statement posting and account transaction reporting
  • Up-to-date bank account balances directly to NetSuite

We handle the Banking installation quickly and effortlessly. All you need is an agreement with your bank, and we will take care of the rest. Installation is effortless and does not require changes to NetSuite's ERP system.

"Banking functions have their own view in NetSuite, and through it the user can seamlessly manage the functions. In addition, we have brought functionalities desired by the customers to make everyday life easier, such as reference processing, connections of incoming and outgoing e-invoices and recycling of purchase invoices as part of NetSuite's basic processes, so that by using the same system you can easily use functions that are not available in NetSuite itself. We develop service and functions in cooperation with our customers"
- Antti Runtuvuori, COO, Advectus Nordics Oy