In bank connections, we rely on the know-how and experience of Avalosys Oy

Pankkiyhteyksissä luotamme Avalosys Oy:n osaamiseen ja kokemukseen

As our partner for demanding bank integrations we chose an experienced player!

Due to the complex peculiarities of the banking and payment world, Advectus Nordics decided to partner with the best specialists. The search resulted in choosing Avalo, which has more than twenty years of experience in producing payment solutions and is backed by an experienced developer team. The team in question has a long experience in developing financial management software, so they have a solid understanding of the needs of financial management.

In the partnership, Avalo maintains secure connections with banks and network operators, and Advectus Nordics maintains a secure connection from Avalo to NetSuite. This entity forms a turnkey solution for customers - Advectus Banking.

"At Avalo, we are specialized in helping various actors of financial administration and ERP software partners in the digitization and optimization of payment traffic. Cooperation with the Advectus Nordics' team, specialized in NetSuite, is a pleasant way for us to expand our network and offer our services to a wider customer base"
- Ari Keskitalo, Director, Avalosys Oy

The banking solution can be implemented by companies that do their own accounting, or companies that have outsourced their accounting while the partner itself does not have ready connections to banks or online invoicing operators.