Advectus Nordics Oy — A new player in the car dealership systems market

Advectus Nordics Oy — Uusi tekijä autokaupan järjestelmien markkinoilla

Advectus Nordics is a company founded in 2020. The company’s goal is to bring the modern international Advectus vehicle trade system to the Finnish, Baltic and Nordic markets, offering a genuine alternative to the DMS systems currently on the market. Advectus system is based on Oracle's NetSuite, which is the world's most widespread SaaS-based ERP platform.

Advectus Nordics' staff combines solid know-how in vehicle trade processes and financial management as well as solid expertise and experience in NetSuite software development. In addition, we have Advectus' competent international organization and, of course, software that is built to meet the needs of the modern vehicle trade (resale and import).

Vehicle trade is in transition, and the DMS systems on the market no longer meet the changing needs of the customer base, which include, among others:

• New business models
• Transparency and real-time use of information that serves the business
• Open interfaces to third-party software
• Use of the system anywhere and on any terminal device

Choose Advectus system, and we will take your car dealership into a new era!

Advectus car dealership system is a truly cloud-based solution, which in addition to versatile features, offers flexibility and makes it possible to configure the customer's different roles (finance, CRM, sales, aftermarket) to suit the needs of your company.

The customers can also configure the system themselves, not necessarily needing any help from the software supplier. Independent software development is also possible. Please also note that NetSuite's extensive range of other solutions (SuiteApps) is available to you. NetSuite is used by thousands of customers in various industries around the world.

The NetSuite/Advectus system offers car dealerships numerous benefits:
- All the information needed in the company's business are found in one database, from which for example the sales, financial management, workshop/spare parts and company management can easily analyze and use them, anytime and anywhere, on any device.
- A platform for an international company (group structure, languages, multi-currency...)
- Automatic updates of new versions
- Availability of a significant number of features, also from outside the vehicle trade industry, for the companies to use if they wish
- Open integration platforms (Api, Rest) for third parties (car factories, financial companies...)
- Real-time business information including:

• 360-degree customer view
• Vehicle history
• Billing and Payment history
• Service history
• Satisfaction surveys and reclamations
• Already made and future contacts
• Offer and order history

Join us to a journey to develop your business into a new era and improve the user experience of both your staff and customers!